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Nokia Asha 210 Comes with Integrated WhatsApp, Facebook Buttons

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ESPOO, Finland – Nokia has unveiled the Nokia Asha 210, its first handset that has a WhatsApp or a Facebook button for instant messaging.

Nokia Asha 210 dual-SIM WhatsApp

The low-cost Asha 210 features a full QWERTY keyboard, the Series 40 operating system, a sub-1 GHz processor, 64 MB of flash memory, a dual-SIM option, a modest 2-MP camera, and support for Wi-Fi and 2G connections. As with other Asha devices, the 210 also boasts a long battery life — of up to 46 days on standby, around 12 hours talk time for the single-SIM version, and 24 days of standby for the dual-SIM version.

The device will be available in yellow, black, white, cyan and magenta for only US$72 during the second quarter of this year.

Nokia Asha 210 dual-SIM Facebook

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that allows users of Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices to send instant messages free of charge to other WhatsApp users. It transfers 8 billion messages a day and has more than 200 million monthly users.

Nokia Asha 210 dual-SIM WhatsApp colours

Not all regions will have WhatsApp though – while the Asha 210 to be released in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa will have the WhatsApp button, the version heading to Europe and Latin America will have a dedicated Facebook button instead.

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By , International Correspondent, Cebo (Philippines) office
Published on May 1st, 2013 GMT +2


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