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Smartphones to Warn of Impending Heart Attacks

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LAUSANNE, Switzerland – An implant with Bluetooth connectivity could smartphone warn users who suffer from cardiac problems, of potential heart attacks.

Scientists at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland have developed a new implant that could monitor the changes in a person’s blood. The monitor will analyze the key chemicals present in the blood and it will send a warning to a smartphone in the case of the heart attack. The warning signal is triggered with the help of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Blood sensor

The device is powered from outside of the body through a battery patch that provides about 100 milliwatts of power. The monitor charges wirelessly from the power obtained through skin induction. It transmits data regarding the amount of chemicals present in the blood, which might be crucial for treatments that require frequent blood tests of a patient.

Hours before the advent of a heart attack, a person’s heart releases a specific smooth muscle protein into the blood. This monitor detects the variation in the blood and triggers the warning. Through this way, essential treatment can be administered even before the onset of an actual heart attack.

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By , International Correspondent, Chennai office

Published on Apr 1st, 2013 GMT +2


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