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E Ink Android Smartphone Brings Extended Battery Life

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CAMBRIDGE, USA – E Ink, the manufacturer of electronic paper displays for popular eReaders, recently unveiled an Android device with an E Ink screen.

E Ink Android smartphone

The grayscale phone has superior outdoor readability, weighs just 80 grams, making it 33% lighter than the Apple iPhone 5, and lasts a week without a single charge.

Electronic paper displays won’t be able to replace the color, full HD LCD and AMOLED displays on smartphones. However, its power-saving feature, visibility in any light and lower production costs could help the technology remain relevant in a cut-throat industry where device-makers are battling for market share.

The prototypes reportedly could be made as a low-cost option in emerging markets where feature phones are still popular.

E-ink screens could also replace aluminium or plastic casings at the back of smartphones. For dual-sided devices, the LCD screen would be used for video playback, while the energy-saving E Ink screens could be used for reading eBooks or text messaging.

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By , International Correspondent, Cebo (Philippines) office
Published on Mar 14th, 2013 GMT +2


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