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Nokia Working on PureView EOS, Launches Lumia 505

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Nokia 808 PureView live image reviewESPOO, Finland – Nokia is reportedly working on a PureView Windows Phone codenamed EOS, has launched the Nokia Lumia 505 across South America, as well as a limited edition Asha Charme series in Asia.

The high-end PureView device will have an aluminum body and squared edges, and like the original 808 PureView, the highest-resolution sensor of any current camera. Nokia is also apparently readying its own Windows 8 RT tablet that’s set to be unveiled this year.

Nokia is set to launch the Lumia 505 in Latin America, including countries such as Colombia, Chile and Peru. The Windows Phone 7.8-based device features a 3.7″ AMOLED screen, an 8MP rear camera, Bluetooth 2.1, 256MB RAM and a 1 300mAh battery.

Nokia Lumia 505

Nokia is also introducing a limited edition of the Asha handsets: the Asha Charme 308 and 309 feature a 3-inch touchscreen with 400×200 pixel resolution and a 2MP camera, although only the 309 has Wi-Fi connectivity. The Asha Charme 311 has the same 3-inch display, a 1 GHz single-core processor, Wi-Fi and 3.2MP camera.

Nokia Asha Charme 311 308 309

Nokia made headlines last year when it unveiled the Symbian-powered PureView 808 at the MWC 2012, which has an eye-popping high-resolution 41MP rear camera.

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By , International Correspondent, Cebo (Philippines) office
Published on Jan 24th, 2013 GMT +2


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