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Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Premium Suite Upgrade

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Samsung Galaxy S III i9300 hands-on reviewSEOUL, South Korea – The Premium Suite upgrade has been rolled out for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III, bringing new features to the handset.

The Page Buddy feature predicts future actions of a user. For instance, if the earphones are plugged in, the music player opens up automatically. The contextual menu lists the commonly used applications and the contextual tag lets users tag their pictures with weather, date and place.

Multi window is also incorporated through this update. Auto Share Shot enables users to share pictures with other NFC-enabled devices immediately after capturing it. In Reader Mode, the text size of web pages can be controlled easily and these pages can also be shared. A special feature is available for Facebook users to catch up with the latest feeds. The Facebook Lock Ticker displays the feeds on the lock screen.

The Premium Suite upgrade also offers powerful multimedia features. The Paper Artist feature lets users change the mood of their picture with just a click. The Galaxy S III camera can now capture improved low-light pictures through the Low Light Shot feature, while the Best Face camera feature enables clicking 5 pictures consecutively – with this, users can choose the best shot among the five. The Camera Easy Snap feature helps the visually challenged by detecting the faces in front and talking back to them.

With Easy Mode, users can keep their frequently used widgets on home screen.

While listening to music, users can adjust the volume balance of their earphones through the Sound Balance feature.

These are some of the new features that Samsung Galaxy S III users can enjoy through the Premium Suite upgrade.

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By , International Correspondent, Chennai office

Published on Dec 13th, 2012 GMT +2


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