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Facebook App Update Uploads Photos Automatically

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Facebook Photo Syncing Android iOS appMENLO PARK, USA – Facebook has unveiled a new feature called Photo Sync that enables users to upload their mobile pictures instantly.

This feature minimizes the burden of uploading a picture each and every time users click it. Once this is enabled, all the photos users take will be uploaded automatically into their Facebook accounts. The important feature here is that it will be visible only to the user’s eyes, until the user decides what to share and what not.

The Google+ Android app itself has provided this feature to users since it has become available.

The process involved in enabling this feature is quite easy and it can be done instantly. Once users login into Facebook via their iPhone or Android phones, they will be able to see the notification. All the synced photos will be uploaded in a new album called private and it won’t even be visible to users’ friends. Only the user can decide whether to share or delete the photos. While it is extremely safe, it may trigger panic in some ignorant users who have unknowingly turned on their sync only to find their particularly-private pictures to their Facebook account.

Getting users to access this feature is not a problem for Facebook, as millions login through the mobile phones everyday. They can see the banner instantly and may try it out. This feature allows the social network to store a lot of metadata of pictures. It also helps users by eliminating the pain of uploading a large chunk of pictures each and every time they return from a trip.

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By , International Correspondent, Chennai office

Published on Dec 11th, 2012 GMT +2


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