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Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is Finally Here

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Jessica Alba Steve Ballmer Windows Phone 8REDMOND, USA – The new Windows Phone 8 has finally arrived.

Microsoft has generated a mobile operating system that contains products and services such as Live Tiles, which are at the center of Windows Phone 8. In addition, it is the only OS that features Live Apps, so that it will update the user right on the Start screen.

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Another characteristic is Kid’s Corner and Rooms. This way, parents have the chance to give their device to their children with no worries. Moreover, it comprises Data Sense – a feature that manages data while surfing in the web and notifies users when they approaches their limit. Wallet via NFC is also implemented, so users are able to store their loyalty, debit, credit, and membership card data onto the device.

Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia HTC

Additionally, Windows Phone 8 brings apps that are already well known on PC, such as Skype, Bing Search, and certainly the Office Suite, with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Alongside there is the option for the customer to customize handsets’ software in a large variety of features, designs and colors, in order to have a personalized Windows Phone 8.

Office 2013 Windows Phone 8

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Published on Nov 5th, 2012 GMT +2


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