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Future Microsoft Surface Features and 3D Tiles Leak

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Microsoft Surface Windows 8 3D TilesREDMOND, USA – Microsoft has officially released the new Surface tablet alongside with Windows 8, and future features are already being looked at.

Some extra characteristics that the Surface tablet is going to have are the “Contact Discriminator” and the “Pen-in-Range” utilities. Microsoft has created the “Contact Discriminator”, a functionality that will offer a variety of procedures for separating the intended user touch on contacts from accidental touches, motions or contacts on the display.

Microsoft Surface contact discriminator

Another improvement that will be added is Microsoft’s Live 3D Icon Solution. The discovery presents an assortment of tools for demonstration of data, with the use of icons to represent it. For example, users can see 3D icons, which can be rotated to demonstrate an extensive collection of information, and supplementary functions in a compressed and well-organized way.

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 3D Tiles

In addition, Microsoft will add more characteristics, such as the Flexible Icons and Indication Modes. For example, a picture will be allied with the email’s application updates.

Lastly, extra features will include the Music Tile (a good clone of Apple’s one) and 3D Cylindrical Icons.

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 3D Cylindrical Tiles

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Published on Oct 31st, 2012 GMT +2


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