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Nokia Encourages Film-making with the Nokia 808 PureView

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127 Hours Sweded Dylan CulhaneCAPE TOWN, South Africa – Inspired by the Home Movie Factory project, Nokia commissioned photographer and film-maker Dylan Culhane to recreate a movie using the Nokia 808 PureView.

The Home Movie Factory is a project taking its roots from Michel Gondry’s 2008 cult smash, Be Kind Rewind, a movie in which two video store attendants recreate the entire collection of the store by themselves. The project on its part offers the opportunity and the resources to create home-made movie masterpieces in a studio setting, free of charge. The Home Movie Factory project travels around the world to complete this task and currently is in Johannesburg until the end of October.

Nokia on its part is offering a hand to the project, as it believes that the capabilities of the Nokia 808 PureView smartphone (as shown in our 808 PureView photography review) are perfect for the tasks of the project. Having in mind that a device offering full HD video and crystal clear audio is always helpful for any would-be film-maker, Nokia encourages the use of the device by everyone aiming at taking part in the Home Movie Factory project.

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By , International Correspondent, Rethymno (Greece) office

Published on Oct 27th, 2012 GMT +2


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