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Sony Xperia T Bond Edition Released

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Sony Xperia T James Bond 007 SkyfallTOKYO, Japan – As the Sony Xperia T has started to hit the markets across the globe and is expected to be available at AT&T soon, Sony has come up with an action-packed James Bond ad for the phone.

The ad shows 007 rushing through everything that comes in the way, finally getting to the store selling the Xperia T. While this wont appear sensible for some readers, despite the widespread popularity of the movie character, the core idea seems sensible enough as far as the impressive features of the Xperia T, such as the dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 chip and the 4.55-inch HD display, are concerned.

The Xperia T ships with some pre-loaded James-Bond-related content, which may be the main reason behind Sony’s new ad. However, with its outstanding features such as the 13MP camera, the Xperia T won’t need much marketing assistance once it makes its way to the US market.

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By , International Correspondent, Rethymno (Greece) office

Published on Oct 13th, 2012 GMT +2


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