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Nokia 808 PureView Full Review

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With Symbian on its last legs, it seems odd to be reviewing, at least based on price point, a high-end Symbian device. While Symbian is fast losing relevance to new smartphone users, what Nokia introduced with the 808 PureView is ground-breaking now and will remain so for many years.

Nokia 808 PureView

The Nokia 808 PureView is undeniably a camera enthusiast’s phone and it’s easy to ask if it is just a camera with some phone features added. The 808 PureView brings with it future-proof technology that aims to take mobile photography to the next level, mixing it up with dedicated cameras more than any other device to date.

Its predecessor, the Nokia N8, with its bulging camera hump for the impressive 12 megapixel sensor, was one of the first mobile devices to take on dedicated cameras and win on quality alone. This was due to the large 1/1.83″ sensor and 1.75 micron pixels, and an impressively low pixel density compared to other mobile devices and point-and-shoot cameras. The 808 is an N8 on steroids, and then some. The device brings along a scarcely believable 41-megapixel array on a massive 1/1.2″ sensor. Added to this is Nokia’s proprietary PureView technology that aims to make intelligent use of this abundance in pixels.

Nokia 808 PureView camera back

While this is a delicious camera, one must not forget that in its gut, it is still a phone, crying to be used for a little more than photography.

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By , Columnist, Johannesburg office

Published on Sep 24th, 2012 GMT +2


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