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SIMply NFC-Revolution NFC-ready SIM Card Showcased

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SIMply NFC Revolution NFC SIM cardA new SIM product that provides users with access to Near Field Communication (NFC) even if they don’t have one of the more recent smartphones has now been launch by INSIDE Secure and Morpho.

The new NFC-ready SIM card, which has been named the ‘SIMply NFC-Revolution’ combines the latest SIM technology from Morpho with a core NFC chip technology provided by INSIDE Secure.

This latest SIM card product allows users to make user of NFC services without them having to either retrofit their handsets or make external changes to their device making it far more user-friendly than having to use contactless stickers or flexible antennas, according to a recent press release from the companies.

To make use of the SIMply NFC-Revolution users just need to take the existing SIM cards out of their mobile device and fit the new SIM card, which has been designed to work in environments that are considered disruptive like being fitted underneath a devices battery.

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