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New Release dates for LG Lucid 4G, Optimus Elite

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LG Optimus Elite Sprint Virgin MobileFollowing a variety of rumors relating to the imminent release of a number of new handsets by equipment manufacturer LG there have now been further rumors of the release dates for both the LG Optimus Elite and the LG Lucid 4G (or the LG Cayman as it is also being referred to).

With very little known about the forthcoming LG Lucid 4G, it appears that the LG Optimus Elite has been the main focus of rumors relating to its expected features and specification.

So far the expectation is that the LG Optimus Elite initially be released on Sprint and later on Virgin Mobile and will come with NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities. It is also expected to have either entry-level or mid-range spec that include a 800MHz processor, 3.2 inch touchscreen display, a storage capacity of 4GB, 512MB of internal memory and a 5 megapixel camera.

The release dates are believed to be the end of May 2012 for the LG Optimus Elite and the end of March 2012 for the LG Lucid 4G, although so far there has been no information on the pricing for these two models.

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