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Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Beam vs Apple iPhone 4S

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Samsung Galaxy Beam vs iPhone 4SSince its release, the Apple iPhone 4S has quickly become one of the most popular smartphones around and already accounts for a significant portion of the smartphone market, but this means that many of the new smartphones that are coming out now are looking to knock the handset off its top spot, including the new Samsung Galaxy Beam.

In comparison, the two devices are similar in terms of specifications but each has key features that may give it the upper hand over its rival handset when it comes to users choosing the handset that give them the most for their money.

Starting with size and weight, the iPhone 4S comes out slightly ahead in both areas with a thickness of just 9.3mm compared to the 12.5mm Galaxy Beam and a weight of just 140 grams compared to the 145.3 grams of the Galaxy Beam.

Samsung Galaxy Beam projector Android phone

The display is a slightly trickier one with the Galaxy beam coming out on top in terms of size with its 4.0 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen beating the 3.5 inch IPS TFT display on the iPhone 4S. The latter, however, has a much higher quality display with its resolution of 640 x 960 pixels which equates to around 330 pixels per inch against the 480 x 800 pixels display of the Galaxy Beam with a pixel density of just 233 ppi. The iPhone 4S display also comes with an Oleophobic coating that is resistant to fingerprints and smearing.

Phone memory is also very close with the iPhone 4S coming with 512MB of internal memory and the choice of 16/32/64GB of storage space whilst the Galaxy Beam has 768MB internal memory and 8GB of storage space but this can be upgraded by 32GB using its microSD slot.

iPhone 4S messages

The hardest feature to compare is the OS with the iPhone 4S coming with Apple’s iOS 5 and the Galaxy Beam offering users the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. Each has its pros and cons but for many this is simply a matter of taste and which they find the easiest to use.

The only big selling point for the Galaxy Beam that sets it apart from the iPhone 4S is the Built in HD Projector, which allows users to project documents and images at 15 lumens at a size the equivalent to a 52 inch TV and at the moment the iPhone 4S offers nothing comparable to it.

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