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T-Mobile Brands Huawei U8680, U8730 as MyTouch Devices

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Huawei myTouch T-MobileBELLEVUE, USA – The myTouch mobile handset range from T-Mobile has seen a number of manufacturers building its handsets since its release in 2009 starting with HTC who started off the range with its rebranded HTC Magic handset and then last year two handsets were released by electronics equipment maker LG. Now it has been announced that Huawei will become the third OEM chosen to build the next range of myTouch phones from T-Mobile.

Although there has not been much information provided about the new devices so far what is known is that the devices that have been named the U8680 and the U8730 will come with the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread operating systems and will come with WVGA displays with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

The popularity of Huawei has increased significantly over the last few years with companies like T-Mobile and AT&T both looking to the Chinese equipment maker for low-price handsets that created with the carriers’ branding on them.

The myTouch handsets are expected to be released in the later part of spring 2012 with May set to be the most likely date and the pricing should be set quite low so it can compete with other similar handsets on the market.

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