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Apple iPad Gets New Adobe Photoshop Touch App

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Adobe Photoshop Touch iPad appSAN JOSE, USA – For a while now users of Android devices have been able to enjoy an entire suite of apps from Adobe including Photoshop Touch, the Photoshop version that had been designed for use on the tablet, but after a considerable wait, users of the Apple iPad will now be able to enjoy the benefits of Adobe Photoshop Touch.

With a price of $9.99, Apple iPad users will be able to get the Adobe Photoshop Touch app on the App Store for exactly the same price Android users have been paying since it was first released.

Although it doesn’t offer the same features as the full version of Adobe Photoshop, users will still be able to enjoy a range of popular Photoshop features that include selection tools, filters, layers and adjustment.


Among other features that will come with the app are the camera fill feature, that allows the iPad camera to be used to fill an area on a layer, the use of an integrated Google image search to search and acquire images, and the ability to use Facebook to share images and view comments without having to come out of the app.


With its wide range of features, Adobe Photoshop Touch won’t be compatible with the first generation of iPads due to the processing power it requires so it will only be available for iPad 2 users.

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