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MWC: Liquipel Makes Phones Waterproof

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Liquipel device waterproof coating MWCBARCELONA, Spain – Whilst there were many different devices and gadgets being showcased at the Mobile World Congress this past week, one of the really cool and innovative technologies that has made an appearance at the event is Liquipel, which is designed to make cell phones waterproof.

This is made possible through advanced nanotechnology, which enables a waterproof coating to be applied to both the interior and the exterior of a device at molecular level. So, dropping one’s phone in water by accident or experiencing spillage on the smart phone need never be an issue again.

This use of nanotechnology is similar to what Nissan developed for its self-repairing iPhone case.

The cost of getting one’s phone treated with this technology is just $59 and the whole process takes only half an hour. Moreover, once treated the protection on the phone will last forever, so there is no need to invest in costly recoats. Those who want to have their phones treated can simply send their phones to Liquipel and they are returned several days later complete with waterproof protection.

It is likely that if the technology proves popular – and it probably will – it could be deployed on a massive scale by cell phone companies, who could start using it to provide waterproofing on their devices as standard.

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