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MWC: Graphic-Intensive 3D Games Demoed on Tegra 3 Chip

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Golden Arrow Nvidia Tegra 3 smartphone tablet gameBARCELONA, Spain – Following an announcement by graphics chip-maker NVIDIA at the Mobile World Congress, owners of the next generation Tegra 3 4-PLUS-1 quad-core smartphones and tablets will soon find a wide range of new games with incredible graphics made available to them.

The new games are currently being shown off at the MWC 2012 in Barcelona but for those that are not attending the NVIDIA website has trailers of these console quality games available for all to watch.

Mobile game developers and NVIDIA have been working together for the last six years to make these new games that should be making full use of the graphical and processor capabilities of the Tegra 3 with its four-core processor and separate 12-core graphics chip.

Included in the selection of games being shown off by NVIDIA are titles such as Golden Arrow, which is a hack-and-slash action title with high-resolution textures, soft shadows and great fire and explosion effects. Other titles include Hamilton’s Great Adventure THD, Eden to Greeeen THD and Dark Kingdom.

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