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Mercedes Cars to Get iPhone Siri Functionality Built-in

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Mercedes A-class iPhone SiriSTUTTGART, Germany – The use of all the latest and most high-tech gadgetry in cars is usually reserved for the top of the range models but this has now all changed as Mercedes Benz recently announced the brand new A-Class with an array of advanced technology inside – such as iPhone and its Siri app.

The new A-Class Mercedes Benz is fitted with a significantly upgraded COMAND infotainment system and will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The new COMAND system comes with vast array of new functions and features that have all been tied into iPhone 4S and the user interface has been completely redesigned with a more modern, three dimensional layout instead of the usual beige and black look.

Among some of the new features available on the new COMAND system that will be included with the basic ‘Audio 20’ package are the Digital DriveStyle app that provides users with the ability to stream AUPEO radio, which is the same as the US radio app Pandora, a new Garmin satellite navigation system, the ability for users to locate their car in busy parking lots and access to Twitter and Facebook with status updates read out loud.

The big feature, however, will be the integration of the Siri voice recognition system into the COMAND online suite that will enable users to use voice commands to send mails and texts as well as being able to access their music and check the weather. The Euro-only A-Class will initially be the only Mercedes to come with all these facilities but they will eventually be available on the B, C and E-Class vehicles too.

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