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Quad-core iPad 3 Release Date Slated for March

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Apple iPhone iPad iStore ChinaCUPERTINO, USA – New reports relating to the Apple iPad have recently been announced including an iPad 3 announcement, an Apple tablet with a smaller screen, information regarding sales on the South Korean market and the seizure of a number of iPads in an ongoing Infringement case in China.

The news of the iPad 3 comes from a number of reliable sources who believe that March 7th 2012 is the expected date for Apple to be making its announcement of the release of the new iPad 3 tablet. As well as the announcement date there are a number of rumours relating to the hardware and software that the iPad is expected to have. This includes an upgraded quad-core processors, support for 4G LTE as well as an upgraded rear camera and a face-time front-mounted camera.

News that Apple is working on a small screen tablet comes following reports that it is working alongside Asian component supplier to build a tablet with an 8 inch screen, which is smaller than the 9.7 inch screen currently found on the iPad 2. It is speculated that the reason for this move is so that Apple can compete with rivals like Amazon and Google for a greater share of the Asian tablet market.

In related news, it has been reported that the sale of iPads in the South Korean market has exceeded those of the Samsung Galaxy tablets after sales of more than 1 million iPads since their release. This has provided Apple with 70 to 80 percent of the South Korean tablet market.

The bad news for Apple, however, comes from northern China where an ongoing infringement battle with display manufacturer Proview has led to the seizure of 45 iPads according to officials. The ongoing trademark infringement case recently saw a ruling in favour of Proview which has led to it using its win to enforce the banning of the sale of the tablet in China.

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