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Apple Allows Reporters in its Chinese Production Factories

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iPhone factories Foxconn ABC  NightlineTUCHENG, Taiwan – Following many years of complete secrecy, technology giant Apple has finally agreed to allow a reporter from a major US news channel in one of its manufacturing factories, following the bad press it has recently received regarding the poor working condition.

The huge popularity of Apple products like the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad have recently been overshadowed by reports of the poor treatment of workers in the Foxconn factories that make its products and even led to a number of highly publicised suicides.

The worker suicides back in 2010 led to the launch of a show called The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs in which Mike Daisey, a monologist, went to meet workers at a Foxconn factory in China that had just finished a 13-15 hour shift making apple products. This culminated in one viewer launching an online petition that received 250 000 signatures calling for Apple to make its next iPhone its first ethical handset.

It was believed that it was the petition was one of the main reasons for Apple approaching a reporter for the ABC News channel asking him to visit one of the Foxconn factories as an audit was carried out for the first time by the Fair Labor Association.

In other Apple news, the company has threatened to take Proview, a small Chinese display vendor, to court for allegedly inflaming an ongoing iPad trademark dispute.

The trademark dispute relates to the claim made Apple that in 2009 Proview sold the iPad trademark to Apple which is something that Proview is denying saying that the sale took place through a Taiwanese subsidiary company and that it knew nothing about the deal.

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