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Speech Recognition on Android Gets Upgraded with Utter! App

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Utter Siri Android appGLOBAL – A new video has recently been released by the developers of Utter!, the latest speech recognition app that is currently being developed for Android devices, which shows off the various features and capabilities of the app.

The Utter! app has been designed to be a logical progression from many of the previous speech recognition apps in that it gives users the ability to send any questions they have to specific apps and get answers back from them. This differs from apps like Voice Actions and Speaktoit for the Android and Siri for the iPhone because these apps reply to questions by internally checking for answers on things like calculations and weather.

As well as being able to have a simple conversation with Utter! users will also be able to ask their device to reboot, check the battery and perform a huge number of other tasks.

No release date has been given for the Utter! app yet but the posted video provides users with a wide range of exiting features and facilities to look forward to while they wait.

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