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Apple Closes iPhone 4’s Antenna-Gate Issue, Japanese Siri Coming

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iPhone 4 white bumper caseCUPERTINO, USA – In a recent statement from Apple it was confirmed that a small number of people would be receiving cash payout options of $15 following the settling of a class-action lawsuit that was bought against the company over the antenna problems on the iPhone 4 back in 2010 that was dubbed antenna-gate.

A spokesperson for Apple advised that iPhone 4 users who experienced issues with reception due to the antenna issue and chose not to accept the free case offered by Apple in 2010 would now have the option to take the settlement instead, although this was only a small number of customers.

Any users that decided to wait for the lawsuit to go through have now found that they will be getting less than they were originally offered as the bumper case cost $29 compared to the $15 being offered now.

In other Apple news, there have been new details released for the new iOS 5.1 GM, which is due for release around the 9th March with some new features including the introduction of Japanese as a new language for Siri and the addition of a fixed camera button to the side of the unlock button that will allow users to drag the whole unlock are up to go straight to camera mode.

Japanese Siri iPhone 4S app

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