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Flash Memory Slowing Smartphones Down

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NAND flash memoryATLANTA, USA – New research has found that performance of games, social networking sites like Facebook, loading of emails and web browsing on smartphones could be seriously impacted by the use of NAND flash memory in the devices.

The findings from research carried out by Georgia Institute of Technology and NEC Corp. discovered that storage is the main cause of slow performance on smartphones even though many experts and users often blame wireless connectivity and processor chips for this.

Overall performance on a number of Android handsets using a Wi-Fi connection was found to fall between 100 and 300 percent using mobile applications when researchers tested different popular 16GB embedded flash memory cards. There was, however, a drop of over 2000 percent in one of the memory tests, although this was an extreme case.

According to one of the report authors both single and dual-core CPUs have kept up with the demands of many of the mobile applications out there and so too have wireless networks but the bandwidth of NAND flash memory is now becoming quite dated.

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