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Apple Blocks Motorola’s Slide-to-Unlock in Germany

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Slide to Unlock Motorola AppleMUNICH, Germany – A ruling on the infringement of the slide-to-unlock image patent held by Apple on the majority of Motorola Mobility devices was recently found in favour of Apple by Judge Dr. Peter Guntz in a German regional court.

The patent in question was EP1964022, which relates to ‘unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image’ and this latest ruling would mean that if Apple decided to enforce it Motorola would be permanently prevented from using the unlocking feature on their handsets.

Three different instances of the infringement were evaluated by the court and of these only two of the claims by Apple were upheld, which related to their use on Motorola smartphones. The instance that was thrown out was the unlocking feature used by the Motorola Xoom tablet as this consisted of a swiping gesture being made from the centre of a circle to the outside by the user.

It is likely, as Apple has with injunctions against patents it has reportedly infringed upon, that Motorola will appeal against the two rulings whilst Apple will try to get the third alleged infringement put in place.

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