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Microsoft Bets $100 that Windows Phone is the Fastest

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Smoked by Windows Phone $100 bet CESLAS VEGAS, USA – With the CES being held in Las Vegas it was fairly likely that one of the companies showing off their latest gadgets was going to get into the spirit of things by offering passing visitors a chance to gamble – and that company was Microsoft.

With the latest Windows Phone 7 handsets being shown off at the recent CES, Microsoft employee Ben Rudolph was wandering around the convention centre offering people $100 if they could beat the WP7 handset in a speed test. He even allowed the challenger to pick what to do on the handsets to prove which was faster and they could even decide which device was the winner in the test.

While $100 seemed a lot to win if they came out as the winner, the cost of losing was having to admit that their iPhone or Android phone had been beaten by a WP7 phone on camera, which for anyone who loved their handset would be quite a difficult thing to do.

Out of those that had agreed to take the challenge the Galaxy Nexus, the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S all lost out to Rudolph’s WP7 phone while one iPhone 4S user won in a challenge to upload a picture to Twitter, according to a tweet from Rudolph. This does, however, mean that overall the new WP7 handset won more challenges than they lostm making it one of the fastest smartphone operating systems currently available.

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