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Self-repairing Case for iPhone Shown off by Nissan

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Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone caseROLLE, Switzerland – With lots of experience in car manufacturing but no actual business history in the mobile phone industry, Nissan has become the unlikely maker of an iPhone case that is able to heal itself when scratched.

The new case has aptly been named the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case and has the ability to heal itself should it get scratched using Nissan’s “self repairing” technology.

For anyone who has knowledge of Nissan’s car range it is apparent that this technology has been around for a while now and has, in fact, been used on a number of Nissan cars. The manufacturer, along with Advanced Softmaterials Inc. and the University of Tokyo, originally developed this technology back in 2005 and created a coating that had the ability to alter its physical structure to fill in the gaps that appeared when it was damaged.

During an automotive event that took place recently in Dubai, Nissan handed out a batch of these new self-healing iPhone cases to customers and reporters for testing and advised that it might think about releasing them for sale to the general public if there was enough initial interest in the new case.

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