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Phone Touchscreens to Detect Biomolecular Matters

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Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 reviewSEOUL, South Korea – A research team from Korea Advanced Institute of Science of Technology (KAIST) claims in the German science journal Agnewandte Chemie that biomolecular matters can be identified through touchscreen technology, just as in medical tests.

Biochemicals like DNA and protein molecules carry specific electronic charges. The touchscreens on smartphones or PDAs are able to sense and work through these charges from user’s body on the screen.

According to KAIST scientists, the experiments illustrated the idea that a touchscreen is almost 100 percent capable of observing the existence and concentration of DNA molecules placed on it. This is now regarded as the first towards using the screens to carry medical tests some day.

The research team, led by Hyun-gyu Park and Byong-yeon Wonstated that presently it is trying to create a type of film with reactive elements that are able to detect specific biochemicals. The team is optimistic that this will enable touch screens to also distinguish different biomolecular matters. Although it is the key to the idea of using phone as diagnostic tool, it is only the first step for now.

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By , International Correspondent, Karachi office

Published on Jan 24th, 2012 GMT +2


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