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iBooks 2, iTunes U Announced as New iPad 2 Features

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iPad2 iBooks 2CUPERTINO, USA – With the Apple iPad 2 already being a huge hit with both students and teachers alike due to its incredible potential as an educational tool, the recent announcement of the release of iBooks 2 and iTunes U for its tablets is likely to cause a lot of excitement in the education community.

The iBooks 2 app is being pushed by Apple as a direct replacement for regular text books, which it no longer considers to be the best tools for learning. The benefits of iBooks 2, according to Apple, include the built in multimedia capabilities and the ability to interact with the educational content.

The other iPad app released by Apple, called iTunes U, provides a completely different kind of facility for students in the form of information. The new app will give students access to a wealth of educational information including allowing them to sign up for new classes, view current course syllabus material, get updates from their teachers and much more.

iTunes U iPad app

The two apps are interlinked and allow the transfer of text from iBooks and even allow users to make notes and link them to the books they are studying.

Both apps are available on the Apple iStore for download immediately on the iPad and iPad 2.

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