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Assertive Display Technology Installed on Sharp’s New 3D Phone

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docomo Shark Aquos SH-01D 3DLONDON, UK – The Assertive Display technology of Apical is one of the most expected innovations in smartphone world. It was expected in several winter releases of Sharp, who was able to benefit exclusively for its Aquos SoftBank 102SH and Aquos SH-01D.

The innovative display technology of Apical adapts multimedia content to the display capabilities under actual viewing conditions. It takes calculates both the screen brightness and the amount of light of the environment to make real-time adjustments of the displayed content. It combines good view-ability together with economical power consumption, which is a significant challenge for high-resolution 3D displays.

Sharp Aquos Phone SoftBank 102SH

The first release in Japan of a phone with this technology is AQUOS PHONE SoftBank 102SH. Very expected is also AQUOS PHONE SH-01D which will be released by DOCOMO before the end of the month in Japan. AQUOS PHONE SH-01D will benefit of Apical’s Assertive Display technology in its 4.5″ HD (1280 x 720) autostereoscopic 3D touchscreen.

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By , International Correspondent, Rethymno (Greece) office

Published on Jan 20th, 2012 GMT +2


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