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Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show Pokes Fun at iPhone Factories

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Fear Factory FoxconnNEW YORK CITY, USA – Popular news-parody programme The Daily Show with Jon Stewart commented on the iPhone-making Foxconn factories in China, even engaging in a discussion with Siri for the purpose.

Following reports of poor working conditions in the factories of parts suppliers that provide components to major technology companies around the world, the technology giant Apple has had to admit that there are serious issues and has released a document auditing the working conditions in these factories, which has placed some of these locations on monitoring status.

Even the fact that these issues are quite serious in nature didn’t stop writers for The Daily Show thinking up a particularly funny way of bringing these issues to light using a CNN report that came out in 2010 on the working conditions in factories of equipment assembler Foxconn, the company that builds iPads, iPhones and various other devices.

The plans to replace its workers with more than a million robots, although not really a great surprise, is a further blow for workers who are already receiving very poor treatment from Foxconn.

The conversation between Jon Stewart and the Siri voice app from Apple in the recent segment named Fear Factory does, however, put a more light-hearted spin on the issue, which many viewers will find entertaining despite the seriousness of the underlying issue.

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