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Google Allegedly Vandalizes OpenStreetMap Data

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OpenStreetMap screenshotGLOBALOpenStreetMap (OSM) claims that its maps have been tampered with by the Google, as in the case of Kenyan business directory Mocality.

The open source community accused in a blog post that users from Google IP address in India have been trying to modify OSM’s data. The company claims two OSM accounts were damaged which affected the areas of London and New York.

Last week Kenya’s largest business directory, Mocality asserted Google’s Kenya-based business has encroached their database to expands it business.
Google responded with an apology and insisted that it will conduct an inquiry.

However, coming back to the OSM issue, Google answered that the two people who made the alterations were no longer part of the company. On the other hand, OSM system administrator, Tom Hughes, who detected the matter originally disagreed with the post and testified it to be completely false.

He insisted that OSM faces such issues every now and then, and it could be a mere coincidence for users to have been a part of Google. Hughes implied that OSM is just trying to get some cheap publicity and he can not support such behavior.

The original post, by the OSM board members, has since then been updated indicating that company is resolving the issue with Google.

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By , International Correspondent, Karachi office

Published on Jan 20th, 2012 GMT +2


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