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Lumia 900 Comes Nokia’s Widest Camera Aperture Ever

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Nokia Lumia 900 cameraESPOO, Finland – The latest smartphone from Nokia, the Lumia 900, is set to impress the photographic enthusiast with built-in cameras that are getting closer than ever to picture quality that approach images that are created by the human eye.

The biggest issue with cameras on cell phones is that most pictures are taken in a low light environment and this is something that these particular cameras don’t do particularly well. The introduction of flashes on many mobiles improved the quality of these types of photos but at the expense of colour clarity that could be far better with natural light.

With the Nokia Lumia 900, however, users will find the high-spec Carl Zeiss lens with its f2.2 aperture and a 28mm wide-angle focal length will provide significantly improved picture quality even when the lighting is low.

There are other mobiles that offer low-light image quality that rivals that of the Lumia 900, such as the Lumia 800 and the Nokia N9. However, neither of these come with a front-facing camera with the same lens specs that provide video chat at the same quality as the rear camera.

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