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iPad 3, iPhone 5 to Bring LTE, Release Dates Updated

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LTE 4G logoCUPERTINO, USA – In light of the lack of actual information about the next generation of Apple devices, a variety of sources close to Apple have recently been adding to the ever increasing rumour mill regarding the new iPhone 5 and the iPad 3.

The Apple iPad 3 rumours so far include the device having a faster, quad-core processor that is expected to come from Samsung, a high resolution retina display and support for access to LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G networks.

For the iPhone 5 the rumours have been slightly less abundant and so far the only speculations are that it will be slimmer than the 4S, and, like the iPad 3, it will come with a quad-core processor and will also provide support for the next generation LTE mobile networks. To support access to the new LTE network it is also thought that Apple will be talking to network providers about releasing a new LTE compatible iOS for the new smartphone.

The release dates for the new products are currently expected to be around March this year for the iPad 3 and the latter half of the year for the new iPhone 5, although so far, neither the specification nor release dates for the two devices have been confirmed by Apple.

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