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MIT Wristband uses Human Gestures to Control Devices

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tech wristbandMASSACHUSETTS, USA – The MIT is working on project WristQue, a simple, quiet and low-power wristband device which will help in adjusting temperature, humidity and light to a person’s discretion through sensors fitted in the building.

The wristband device will comprise a microprocessor and will be loaded with environmental sensors to identify any changes. The unit will be equipped with a chip to sense the user’s location, and to communicate with sensors conformed in smart buildings through radio signals.

The device will accommodate three buttons: two for signalling whether person is feeling hot or cold, and the third one for controlling nearby devices through gestures. Although at this time the device is unable to recognize the personality, the team is working on it for future functionality.

The system’s software also anticipates when and by whom the room will next be used, based on previous data. This is designed to adjust the room environment before these people enter in room.

For now, MIT WristQue wristband is still in the beginning phase and is likely to be modified for any needs in the device.

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By , International Correspondent, Karachi office

Published on Jan 17th, 2012 GMT +2


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