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Singapore Operators to Launch No-camera iPhones

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iPhone 4S M1 SingaporeSINGAPORE CITY, Singapore – The three mobile operators of Singapore are expected to launch Apple iPhones with their cameras uninstalled for the needs of the Ministry of Defense and Singapore Armed Forces.

Only the M1 operator, the smallest of the 3, published briefly price-lists with the altered IPhone models, with a price tag of the no-camera 64GB iPhone 4S reaching $900 with two-year contract.

The reasons for the demand of no-camera iPhone hide behind the safety procedures in Singapore military camps and bases, in which carrying of personal image-capturing devices is forbidden. The exceptions are only smartphones with a certificate by one of the mobile operators, proving the lack of camera.

It is still unclear when the mobile operators will launch the no-camera iPhone as there are several issues that need to be sorted out. Major issue is the warranty, which may be void by such a tinkering, along with the costs of removing the camera, which are rumoured to be close to $200.

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By , International Correspondent, Rethymno (Greece) office

Published on Jan 16th, 2012 GMT +2


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