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Apple Loses as Judge Favors Motorola in Initial Determination

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ITC International Trade Commission logoWASHINGTON, USA – An administrative law judge has given his initial determination in favour of Motorola Mobility in a case that has been brought to the International Trade Commission (ITC) by Apple.

In his ruling the judge for the ITC advised that Motorola had not violated any of the three patents that belonged to Apple. In response to this ruling the vice president and general counsel for Motorola Mobility advised that he was very pleased with the finding in favour of Motorola Mobility and commented that the company had worked long and hard to build up the intellectual property portfolio it has today.

This determination is, however, an initial ruling from the administrative judge and the decision will need to be reviewed by the whole ITC before it can be entered as a final ruling.

Following claims made by Apple that infringement of patents and designs of its iPad and iPhone had been made by a number of different companies Motorola has filed a complaint against Apple in Germany saying that the synchronisation of its iCloud service infringed one of Motorola’s patents.

It is likely that Motorola and Apple will probably work out a deal to prevent an injunction to stop the sale of iPhones in Germany as it would cost Motorola $16.2 billion to put the injunction in place while a decision is made.

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