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Historic First as Supplier List Released by Apple

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Apple suppliers partsCUPERTINO, USA – A list containing the official suppliers of parts to Apple has been added to its website as the company appears to have bowed to pressure from human rights groups and relinquished some of its well-publicised secrecy policies.

Originally the Apple company website contained a supplier responsibility page but it only had general ethics, human rights, workers’ health and safety and environmental impact information but now it also has a list with over 150 companies that supply Apple product parts.

Recently, issues had been raised regarding work and pay conditions in a number of factories that supply parts to Apple and this latest move has been made to deal with these concerns.

Meanwhile, in Beijing, Apple has been bearing the brunt of customer outrage as its store cancelled the sale of iPhone 4S smartphones without providing an explanation. This led to one angry customer throwing eggs at the shop front window leading to a fight with the store security guards who were then chased off by a crowd of angry customers.

Apple Beijing store eggs iPhone 4S

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