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White HP Touchpad, HP Pre 3 for AT&T Show up

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HP white TouchPad 4G Pre 3SUNNYVALE, USA  – There are pictures of some unreleased HP WebOS devices doing the rounds – the devices include a white HP Touchpad and the HP Pre 3.

The white HP TouchPad is a European tablet, while the black version is the AT&T 4G tablet. The HP Pre 3 that is seen in pictures is the 4G version for AT&T and the other one is the Veer 4G.

Reporters who had a hands-on with white HP Touchpad device spoke about how the white version not only looks good, but also it is not a finger-magnet unlike its Black brethren. The white TouchPad is a 64GB model with a much faster 1.5GHz processro, the black TouchPad also shares the very same specs but comes-in with 32GB storage and also features a working SIM slot for AT&T’s HSPA+ network support.

The HP Pre 3 is the same handset that was launched by HP back in February complete with the AT&T logo on the battery door.

HP seems to have a marketing-strategy in mind by first announcing by completely shutting the TouchPad business, and now a 4G tablet.

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