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Motorola Motokey XT Comes to Telcel in Mexico

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Motorola Motokey XTMEXICO CITY, Mexico – The Motorola Motokey XT is a slim, sophisticated and smart handset launching on the Telcel network. By offering this handset on its network, Telcel aims to provide users with connectivity, optimum performance, and flexibility.

The handset comes complete in a hybrid form-factor bring the best of both world, the touchscreen and QWERTY-physical keyboard for optimum performance and keep the socially inclined user active on-the-go. The smartphone is less than 10m thick and houses a 2.4-inch QVGA touchscreen display with a native resolution of 320×240 making it a stylish yet easy-to-pocket device.

The Motorola Motokey XT also gives the user the option of up to 5 customizable home screens with their own personal added style, a range of theme options, and also has built-in links to Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networking sites. The handset comes complete with a 3-megapixel rear camera, expandable memory of up to 32GB, Bluetooth and the likes.

“At Telcel, we are focused on providing users with an extensive portfolio of cell phones that offer integrated voice and data features and simplified mobile Internet access, Motokey XT delivers on all counts; featuring a full QWERTY keyboard, touch-screen display and multiple options for accessing social networking sites.” said Leonel Shofecker, assistant director, strategic planning at Telcel.

“Users expect to wirelessly access the Internet anywhere – the Motorola Motokey XT with touch-screen display offers you the flexibility you need, Motorola Mobility is committed to offering devices with multiple features at reasonable prices. Partnering with Telcel provides users with access to high-quality voice and data services.” said Jose Luis de la Vega, marketing director of Motorola Mobility, Latin America North.

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