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Quad-core Android Smartphone Coming – the Meizu MX

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Meizu MX quad-core AndroidZHUHAI, China – The Meizu MX is soon going to become the world’s first quad-core processor smartphone running on the Android platform.

The device will come in two variants, a 32GB quad-core beast, and the second a more humble approach with a dual-core CPU and 16GB of storage space. This move should get enthusiasts interested as there is no waiting to Q3 for quad-core smartphones to reach consumers’ hands.

The most mysterious and daunting question surrounding is which manufacture has supplied quad-core chips to this device. As major chip-makers such as Qualcomm, Samsung, and even ARM are not expecting quad-core chips before 2012, whereas NVIDIA Kal-El, deemed to be the first quad-core chips for mobile devices will be debuting just before year-end and only for tablets on release.

CEO Jack Wong confirmed that the Meizu MX will have a removable battery door, and a microUSB port instead of the outgoing mini-USB socket. The handset is scheduled for year-end release, and it will be officially unveiled next month.

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