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7-inch Motorola Tablet on the Cards

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Motorola Xoom 7 tabletSCHAUMBURG, USA – There is  footage doing the rounds of a new Motorola tablet on the blogosphere – perhaps a Motorola Xoom 7. According to picstures, the new Motorola tablet looks a lot more sleeker than the existing Motorola Xoom.

The pictures tell us that the tablet has rounded-off edges and remind us of the Motorola Photon 4G, dressed in white at the corners, the tablet looks ultra-thin, even thinner than the iPad 2. The snaphsot shows a blurry camera app running on the screen, so it is an Android tablet for sure, but we have no idea on the version.

The tablet sports the Motorola tag on the upper-right corner when held in portrait mode. On the bottom of the device there is a port, now that could either be an HDMI-out or a USB port.

The display certainly seems to be widescreen, so an aspect ratio of 16:9 on the 7-inch display is on the cards too. Surprisingly, Motorola CEO, Sanjay Jha had promised a Motorola tablet before the end of the year (though this tablet has nothing official to its name).

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