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iPhone 5 Launch to be Joined by iPhone 4 Plus

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Casemate iPhone 5 leakCUPERTINO, USA – Apple is all set to release the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 and it won’t be launching alone – alongside with it will the be the iPhone 4 Plus for the mass-market.

The iPhone 5 is slated to be a “world phone”, meaning that it will operate on both CDMA and GSM networks, but not have any support for 4G LTE networks. It is expected to come in a lighter frame with a much thinner body and form-factor. Reports have not been confirmed yet but the iPhone 5 is highly likely to sport the A5 processor under-the-hood.

The iPhone 4S is a more mass-market oriented product, and Apple aims to take the world’s most popular smartphone to the masses. The iPhone 4S was not confirmed, but recently it showed up on the AT&T’s customer service handset database as the iPhone 4s White. Reports suggests that the iPhone 4S will be taking over the iPhone 3GS that has been up for bargain for quite sometime now.

The popularity of the iPhone is unquestionable with almost 228 carriers offering the iPhone among their portfolio by the end of June. This means that there were a total of 42 carriers embracing the iPhone and increasing shipments over 20 million.

It is just a waiting game from now onward, as customer anxiously await the launch of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S.

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