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350m Downloads Garnered by Angry Birds

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Angry Birds RovioESPOO, Finland – The Angry Birds franchisee created by Rovio is popular, but this figure is mind-blowing: the game has garnered a total of 350 million downloads to date, according to Rovio’s General Manager.

A recent study shows that Angry Birds is played by mobile-gamers for more than 300 million minutes on a daily basis cumulatively, this could be owed to it being a major entertainment franchise, and at the same time spanning multiple formats in the media segment. These media include short-films on YouTube, that have picked up more than 170 million views.

Andrew Stalbow, a former Fox Entertainment executive, joined Rovio to expand the horizons for the Angry Birds franchisee and take it further from a game to a more multimedia eccentric brand. This includes the deal under Rovio’s belt with 20th Century Fox, the producer of the animated film Rio. A similar named version of the Angry Birds game was launched during the release of the film to cash-in on the brand-image.

“People in Hollywood are really surprised with the quick acceleration in the way consumers engage with entertainment on their mobile phones, there will be some interesting entertainment partnerships that will hopefully take what we had from “Angry Birds Rio” to a totally different level,” Stalbow said.

Stalbow reveals that the company is focusing on the Angry Birds brand for the future, and Rovio is currently raising a round of funding that would take the entire value of the company to a staggering US$1.2 billion.

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