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White iPhone 4S Listed on AT&T System

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AT&T white iPhone 4S 5DALLAS, USA РA snapshot of the AT&T device customer service database showed up a white iPhone 4s in the list.

There are many rumours about Apple launching a more-affordable version of the iPhone 4,the iPhone 4S. and this might just be true, after the device has popped-out on the AT&T customer service list.

The iPhone 4S is said to be a tweaked version of the current iPhone 4 and will be coming in a much lighter frame. Apple aims to make the iPhone a more mass-oriented product and intends to offer the iPhone 4S in co-existence with the more powerful upcoming iPhone 5.

With the iPhone 5 is awaited with so much anticipation, Case-Mate published pictures of the iPhone 5 case and giving users an idea how it should look like. The images show an all-new radical body-frame for the smartphone, and the handset gets a more iPad 2 approach with flat-rounded edges, and very similar volume-rocker keys. iPhone 5 goes back to its roots with an all-aluminium back.

Casemate iPhone 5 leak

The iPhone 5 is expected to hit U.S store in October, and so is the iPhone 4S.

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