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HTC Titan up for Pre-order in the Netherlands

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HTC Titan Windows Phone 7.5 MangoAMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – HTC is close to launching its new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango device, with the HTC Titan running on it already gone up for pre-order in The Netherlands.

The HTC Titan takes HTC back to where it has its foothold and that is with Windows Phone 7. The Titan is HTC’s foray back into Windows zone, and this time around Windows Phone 7.5 gets a series of slick updates to its name.

The Titan boasts of a 4.7-inch mammoth sized screen, and comes complete with an 8-megapixel camera with HD video-capture at 720p, all this coming at a pocket-friendly 9mm. The Windows Phone 7 Mango update also brings-in an all new web-browser and enhanced multitasking abilities.

Earlier the HTC Titan was seen on the Vodafone and T-Mobile networks and now it has shown-up for The Netherlands at a market-price of € 508 expected for an arrival on the 7th of October. The availability will be also apply to Telefort, Tele2 and Hi.

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