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Samsung Nexus Prime Handled on by 4chan User

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4chan logoGLOBAL – A 4Chan-board user posted images of his hands-on experience with the upcoming Android smartphone Samsung Nexus Prime.

The user said that the device was a prototype but seemed to be a retail version, and worked perfectly. The handset shared similarities with the Sprint variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II with the curved glass display and the size is as good as the present high-end Android beasts. He further added that the reason behind Verizon letting-go of the Samsung Galaxy S II deal was to acquire the Nexus Prime.

The Nexus Prime will be a¬†monster¬†with the specs it packs-in, housing a 1.5GHz dual-core Exynos processor under-the-hood, 1GB RAM, Super AMOLED Plus display with a HD display supporting a resolution of 1280×720, and boasting of 16GB internal memory further expandable through the microSD-card slot.

The 4Chan user also reported that the Nexus Prime is a blazing-fast smartphone, with multitasking taking the front seat. The 1GB in RAM really makes a difference helping all the apps open to operate efficiently in the background. The device runs on the Android 4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich build and the UI is great with all the textures and the fluidity within the handset.

There are many other added features to the device and it seems it will be the next powerhouse before the Samsung Galaxy S III finally shows up next year. This could just be a complete hoax from an internet user, or complete truth.

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