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HTC Droid Incredible HD is the Rebranding of HTC Vigor

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HTC Droid Incredible HD VigorBASKING RIDGE, USA – In our recent article on the HTC Vigor we had mentioned that the Android smartphone could be rebranded – now it is confirmed that its new name is HTC Droid Incredible HD and it has been listed with a release date of October 13th.

This can either be 100% fake or completely true, it’s an either way situation. The document snapshot that has caught our attention clearly states that the HTC Droid Incredible will house a WVGA display, used on devices that are “optimized” for HD content playback, and on the other side, in the same spec sheet that mentions that the handset supports a resolution of 1280×720 (HD) . This is a very big loophole in the spec sheet or might just be a typo by a Verizon employee.

It is not a very tough task for anyone to get a Word document together and upload it, and pass it on as legit information. The same document also claims that the device will be releasing on the 13th of October.

All the information stands true to an extent, but with loopholes existing in the document with so no Verizon logo anywhere on the sheet, it is hard believing this piece of evidence. Its time to wait-and-watch for HTC or Verizon to give an official declaration.

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