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Sony Ericsson Walkman Mix Arrives on Vodafone UK

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Sony Ericsson Walkman Mix VodafoneLONDON, UK – Sony Ericsson’s first Walkman-branded handset with touchscreen – the Sony Ericsson Walkman Mix – makes its way to Vodafone UK and the price attached to this handset is subsidized, placing it at just £80, with pay-as-you-go scheme.

The handset misses out on Android, as it is an entry-level handset,  it seems to do its work well, perfect a music phone coming in complete with features such as a 3-inch QVGA screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, 3.5mm headset jack, Walkman player, Karaoke mode, Stereo FM with RDS technology, 3.2-megapixel snapper, expandable memory and the works.

The Sony Ericsson Walkman Mix comes integrated with all leading social-networking apps, and music lovers looking for a complete music handset will not mind the Android absence as that feature is made up by the Karaoke feature, letting singers sing their favourite track out loud.

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