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Android can be Booted with WebOS on HP TouchPad

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HP TouchPad Android TouchDroidGLOBAL – The TouchDroid project team worked hard to get the HP TouchPad to boot the Android OS, and finally it has been able to boot up Android 2.3.5 on the HP TouchPad alongside WebOS.

The dual OS boot up system is really something neat, and would have more people to adopt this tablet, and with its dirt-cheap-pricing, it is no more in stocks.

The biggest challenge for the developing team is  that touchscreen interaction dies when the TouchPad starts running on the Android Gingerbread platform. This is the most crucial point on which the team is working hard upon. The CyanogenMod team which had also succeeded in making Android boot up on the TouchPad is working on the development of the touch driver.

The TouchDroid team has hit a roadbloack, after one of its team members misused funds donated for the purpose of the project, and misrepresented the team.

Both TouchDroid and  CyanogenMod have a shortage of HP TouchPads, and developing the coeds and working on the projects is a lot more complex for them at this point of time. Many of the developers, who are working hard, and hacking into Android for it to work on the HP TouchPad do not have a TouchPad with them to test their programming at the moment.

Both teams would be able to fasten up their projects and be able to offer the best result once they have access to the HP TouchPad more, which are out of stock due to the massive price cut down to just US$99.99 and this has resulted in bad news for these two teams now.

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